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Eye examination

Enjoy the sight test our opticians' shops

tablica do badania wzroku
Call and make an appointment
Kraków, ul. Mazowiecka 26A
tel. 12 357 50 51
Kraków, al. Beliny-Prażmowskiego 12
tel. 12 357 47 86
Kraków, ul. Kalwaryjska 26
tel. 12 292 60 19
Warszawa, al. Jana Pawła II 43A
(Pasaż Muranów - pawilon 19A)
tel. 22 635 65 14

Rzeszów, ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 2
tel. 517 178 679

Open from Monday to Friday

If you have questions, please write to: 
For each test trial lenses and liquid care free of charge!
Contact lenses:
  • ensure freedom of movement
  • they do not change the image size
  • they do not limit the field of vision and have maintained complete binocular vision
  • they ensure good visibility in all weather conditions
  • they can correct hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia


Types of contact lenses:

  • Spherical lenses - corrective hyperopia and myopia
  • Toric lenses - astigmatism
  • Multifocal lenses - corrective simultaneously defect to the distance of near vision
  • Color lenses - cosmetic


In our salon are available lenses of the highest quality material. The newest silicone hydrogel material will provide you with maximum comfort.

Contact lenses and makeup:

  • Create your lenses before putting makeup
  • Before putting your lenses thoroughly wash your hands
  • Gently Apply lipstick and shadows so as not to move or damage the lens
  • Use odor-free and fat-free cosmetics
  • Use waterproof mascara and lip liner to prevent crushing and smudging
  • Remove the lenses before washing away makeup
  • Every day, wash makeup hypoallergenic, non-fat dry milk make-up remover
  • In the event of the appearance of redness, pain, swelling or irritation, contact a specialist


  • Do not apply makeup (or do not wear lenses) if your eyes are swollen, red, or irritated
  • Do not use saliva to apply shadow or lip liner liquid to dissolve the old ink to use it again
  • Do not apply lip liner on the inside of the lid (inside the lashes)
  • Do not use ink from the fibers which increase the volume of eyelashes, as they can damage the lens

Wearing contact lenses:

  • Wearing contact lenses should be aware of the exact hygiene
  • Suitable cleaning and care of contact lenses helps to eliminate at least 90% of bacteria from contact lenses and is very important for your eyes so be sure accurate


During the first visit to our clinic, each patient is trained practically from science installing and removing the lenses and theoretically in the field of care and handling of contact lenses.



Standard package:
59 zł (included: pair of lenses monthly / fortnightly or 10 pieces. lenses overnight)

VIP package:
139 zł (included: two pairs of lenses monthly / fortnightly or 20 pieces. lenses overnight and a small cleaning fluid and lens)



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